Frequently Asked Questions

What is RO System?

RO refers to Reverse Osmosis. RO System is a combination of filters that treat domestic water sources and filter the dust, particles, containments, impurities, unwanted molecules, and chemicals (such as chlorine and fluoride) through a set of stages to produce 99% pure water.

What does Reverse Osmosis mean?

Reverse Osmosis is a technology that is used to remove a large majority of contaminants from water by pushing the water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane.

How much is the filtered water daily?

Maximum it can produce 75 Gallons per day. Which is approximately 283 Liters per day (14  Carboys 19L per day).

What is the appropriate TDS that compatible with RO Systems?

Home RO Systems’ appropriate TDS is 500. More than that a water softener is needed.

Should I constantly change the purification filters?

For your water purifiers to work well, filters need to be changed regularly. Filters that have reached the end of their life must be replaced when the time comes, as they will no longer function as a filter. The replacement period of each filter is different.

Is water pump necessary for water filter?

The RO System required pressure is 40psi – 60psi (2.7bar – 4.1bar), less than that pump is required. We advise using a pump all the time as the pressure might reduce after a period of time due to dust after the first stage.

What are the essential stages of a filter?

For RO Systems there are 5 essential stages. We can divide 3 parts. Beginning with the 1st part: the First 3 stages sediment and carbon are needed to clean large particles and reduce impurities before the RO stage. 2nd part reverse osmosis is the main part where pure water is produced. 3rd part for post-treatment is where taste or smell will be treated in case that is caused by a tank.

Do RO Systems send water down the drain?

Yes, there’s drain wastewater so that impurities will be drained and kept away from the membrane.

What is the ratio of wastewater to pure water produced by an RO System?

The ratio differs from 1:1 (drain:pure) to 3:1 (drain:pure) and that depends on the purity and pressure of feed water.

Can wastewater be saved and used?

Yes, it can be used for different purposes (such as planting and cleaning) other than human consumption.

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